Interior / Exterior Painting

Interior / Exterior Painting

Interior and Exterior, Residential and Commercial: there is no job too big or too complicated for us at Certified Property Restoration to handle for you. Just as with all of our other services, you know that you are hiring professionals who will give your home or business that fresh-as-new look and feel that you truly desire.

Although most people see painting as a simple job, making it look right and having it hold up over time takes knowledge, skill and a commitment to doing the work correctly the first time, every time. Particularly here in Florida, where a bad paint job can be exposed by the weather conditions relatively quickly.

Here are the steps that we take:

Preparation: The area or areas being painted are inspected, washed (either power washed or hand washed), scraped and sanded where necessary, as clearly stated in our easy-to-read proposals.

Paint: Primer is applied to repaired areas and all other applicable areas. Then we use premium paints to exacting standards to give the entire job a uniform, fresh new look that jumps right off at you.

Cleaning: We clean in and around the areas where we have been working on a daily basis. Paint chips and other debris are removed, and our equipment is stored neatly in a designated area. Upon completion of painting and final clean-up we inspect the job and then invite you to do so as well.

We use this straight-forward, effective process with each and every job. We encourage your feedback to ensure that when we leave you and the work site for the last time that you are 100% satisfied with our labor and the finished product.

Why choose Certified Property Restoration?

  • We respond to your inquiry quickly, and you can contact us throughout the process.
  • We make it easy for you to schedule our meetings and our onsite job time.
  • We offer a free onsite estimate with project details, or we can come to meet you onsite, whichever is most convenient for you.
  • We pledge to finish your project on time, and within budget, as agreed to by both parties before we start.