Wallpaper Removal & Installation

Wallpaper Removal & Installation

At Certified Property Restoration we offer both wallpaper removal and installation services.


Wallpaper removal is a painstaking, slow and messy job.

You have to:

  • Go to your local hardware store (unless you already have everything you need in your current set of tools, which is unlikely) and pick up the following tools:
    • A bucket
    • Sponges
    • Scrapers / putty knives
    • A wallpaper perforator
    • A wallpaper stripper or some other type of adhesive removal
    • A plastic drop cloth
    • A step ladder
    • OPTIONAL (although you should strongly consider): renting or buying a steamer
  • Once you lay down the drop cloth you can start the removal process. And yes, there is a process to removing wallpaper that gives you the best chance of getting the most wallpaper off with the least amount of intrusion to your walls as possible.

But as anyone who has ever tried to remove wallpaper before will tell you, there is no exact science to the process. It is almost inevitable that you will, at some point, do some damage to the drywall underneath.

If you do not remove each and every piece correctly, it can quickly have disastrous results. You can (and probably will) damage your dry wall, your floor and even your electrical outlets. In other words, wallpaper removal is one of the most frustrating DIY (Do It Yourself) jobs a homeowner can try to do.

Hiring a professional company like Certified Property Restoration will help to ensure the job gets done correctly, without all the frustration and potentially damaging results.

When you hire us to do your wallpaper removal, your cost includes all equipment, supplies and disposal of the paper. In addition, it also includes cleaning adhesive from the walls, repairing any damage, skim coating and sanding the walls as needed.


We also offer Wallpaper installation – another DIY project that is significantly more complicated and problematic than you might think at first. It is easy to do the job poorly, make a big mess, and see your time and expenses quickly escalate exponentially, along with your level of frustration.

Why put yourself through all that hassle and stress? Let our professionals at Certified Property Restoration handle the whole job, both the wallpaper removal and installation, from beginning to end. That way, you know the job will get done right the first time, every time!

Once we are done you inspect the job, making sure that we have fulfilled the requirements of the job as we both agreed to beforehand. And Viola! The job is done, and you are ecstatic at the results.